What is BAWAC?

Cheryl's BAWAC Story

BAWAC Leadership
& Management Team

  • Jason Ashbrook, President & CEO
  • Michele Peck, Director of HR & Administration
  • Steve Stricker, Director of Operations
  • Rick Pratt, Director of Services
  • Kathy Osbourn, Production Manager
  • Dave Minear, Transportation Manager
  • Shelly Borg, Supported Employment Manager
  • Kerri Kraemer, Community Rehabilitation Services Manager
  • Megan Kannady, Accountant
  • Shari Olson, Social Media & Fundraising Coordinator

Board of Directors and Committee Members

Dr. LaVette Burnette Board Member

Dr. LaVette Burnette

Northern Kentucky University

Andy Luken | Board Member

Andy Luken

St. Elizabeth Healthcare | Finance Committee

Dr. Ed Montel, Board Vice Chair

NorthKey (ret.) | Finance Committee

Micki Shea

Micki Shea, Board Secretary

NorthKey | Personnel Committee

Bob Smith

Robert Smith, Board Chair

Proctor & Gamble (ret.) | Personnel Committee

Canis Wirth

Canis Wirth

Commonwealth of KY (ret.)

Brandon Kannady

City of Florence - Fire Dept.

Dr. Valerie Miller

Dr. Valerie Miller

University of Cincinnati

Megan O'Brien

Megan O'Brien

Current HR | Personnel Committee


Corey Sidebottom

First National Bank | Finance Committee

Nancy Spivey

Nancy Spivey

Northern Kentucky Chamber | Finance Committee

Rob Ziegler

Rob Ziegler

Ziegler & Schneider | Legal Advisor

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